• Applicant Tracking
    Import candidate resumes through email or use "Quick Add" short forms. Mploy parses skills and other relevant information automatically.
  • Contact Management
    Track managers and contacts. Integrate with Outlook. Schedule calls. View log entries.
  • Requisition Management
    Record job details with custom fields. Record log entries.
  • Hiring Workflow
    Use flexible workflow steps to keep you on track and on time. Recieve email notification. Schedule events such as interviews, calls, and contract extensions. Organize and Email Sort candidates and contacts in folders. Bulk email using sharable email templates.
  • Searching
    Use powerful searching to find the best candidate. Build searches to watch for specific attributes.
  • Customizable
    We'll tailor your mploy with custom fields, workflow events, and status values.
  • Reporting and Metrics
    Analyze vital statistics on your dashboard. Explore performance, source effectiveness, and other extensive reports.
  • Industry Tailoring
    Servicing healthcare/medical, information technology, banking/finance, and other industries.
  • Integration
    Website integraion with Job listings, online applications, online EEOC, other forms. Integrate with your existing systems and technologies.

Users Say

"SMOKING!!!!!! I just entered a ton of people with quick add, and it took about 15 minutes with absolutely no hiccups. Went very fast!"

M. Dove - Sr. Technical Recruiter